Formulation Conference Sofia

16 - 18 June 2025
Abstract opening:
1 Nov 2024
Abstract deadline:
1 Feb 2025
Early registration:
1 May 2025

History of Formula Conferences

The first Formula conference (Formula I) was held in Nice, France, in 1987, initiated by the Société Française de Chimie. It aimed to establish a new discipline within chemistry that emphasized the structured mixing of ingredients to achieve desired product properties.

Over three decades, these conferences have evolved, addressing the increasingly complex challenges of designing and manufacturing products that meet precise specifications. This evolution reflects a shift from focusing solely on physical chemistry to incorporating engineering and technological aspects into formulation.

Recent Formula conferences have focused on multi-scale approaches to formulation engineering, emphasizing the importance of considering both the macro- and meso-scale processes in product design. The conferences have also highlighted the need for sustainability and recyclability in product development, reflecting broader industry trends towards environmental responsibility and the circular economy.

Latest Formula Events

Formula XI - 2023, Lille, France

Emphasizing "Solving challenges with integrative formulation," this conference addressed sustainability, energy, decarbonation, and artificial intelligence in formulation. It focused on creating sustainable products with minimal, bio-based materials, bringing together experts from manufacturing, supply, and academia.
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Formula X - 2019, Manchester, UK

Focused on "Understand Formulate Innovate," this event aimed to explore the latest in formulation science and engineering, emphasizing innovative approaches to product design and the integration of new technologies in formulation processes.
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Formula IX - 2017, Beijing, China

Titled "Multi-scale Structures and Functionalities for Future Formulation," highlighted scientific and technical challenges in formulation, with sessions on smart materials, precision coating, and environmental sustainability in product formulation.